Celebrating 5 Years of 6 Columns

Birthday Cupcake

This year, 6 Columns celebrates our 5th anniversary of providing professional advisory and marketing services to healthcare organizations nationwide. Over the years, we have steadily assembled a solid portfolio of clients, helping build brands, design strategies, and guide growth. We are proud of this accomplishment, but we are most proud of our long-term client relationships. Many of our clients have been with us from the very start.

6 Columns serves as a strategic partner to our clients, helping organizations focus on a clear message utilizing targeted tactics and meaningful solutions. Our expertise and reputation are built on trust, and we consider long-term client relationships to be our greatest compliment.

Is Change the Only Constant?

In honor of our 5th year, we will launch a 2020 blog series entitled 5 Marketing Strategies That Are Here to Stay. While change is sometimes the only constant, we believe a handful of strategies will endure. Continued pressure from the government and consumers will impact how healthcare organizations compete for market share. Growing revenue and managing reputations while responding to these pressures will require thoughtful responsiveness and increasing transparency.

Enduring Strategies

Among all of the sometimes trendy marketing strategies and tactics, we believe the following are here for the long-haul:

1. Defining Your Target & Discipline in Execution

2. Identifying Meaningful Metrics

3. Building & Maintaining Trust

4. Digital Marketing & Laser-focused Content

5. Rapid Responsiveness

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