Rebranding Marketing’s Role

News outlets and industry publications have recently dramatized the potential demise of the Chief Marketing Officer in C-Suites across the country.  A closer look, however, reveals that the role of the Chief Marketing Officer is not, in fact, going “extinct,” rather being rebranded and repositioned within the organization to reflect a broader role that provides the greatest impact on the company’s growth goals.  

What’s In a Name?  

Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Growth Officer, Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Brand Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Value Officer, Chief Commercial Strategist. These are just a sampling of the many innovative titles given to executives whose roles are focused on delivering on the company’s strategic goals.  While new and catchy titles can be helpful in highlighting the rebranding of a corporate executive’s role, the positioning of this individual within the company’s formal organization chart and informal strategic discussions are the greatest predictors of its success.  

Positioning is Key 

A recent study revealed that 83 percent of global CEOs say that marketing can be a major driver of growth; however, we at 6 Columns Marketing Group believe how the marketing role is perceived within the organization is essential.  The marketing lead must not only possess the interpersonal skills and expertise to break down walls across the organization to advance the growth agenda, but also must be positioned by executive leadership as an effective and vital member of the executive team.  This role must be respected and aligned as a peer of other “chief” titles to work closely with financial, human resources, operations, and technology leadership.  

The Expanding Role of the CMO  

Gone are the days of the CMO’s primary role as a glorified graphic designer of marketing pamphlets and brochures. Present-day marketing leadership is now focused on helping define, develop, and drive the organization’s growth agenda alongside the CEO, CFO, and other members of the C-Suite.  An effective marketing executive understands the financial goals of the company and promotes strategies that will produce measurable and impactful benefits for the company’s bottom line.  

Regardless of the title given to the lead marketing executive in your organization, positioning of this role and a broadening of its scope will be essential factors in driving your company’s growth.  

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