Healthcare Marketing: Online vs Traditional

Healthcare marketing pros are wondering if investing in traditional marketing channels is a waste of money in today’s digital world.

Take a look around, most people, regardless of their age, are hunched over a device. So is there any point in spending your marketing budget elsewhere?

Online Healthcare Research

The numbers are spectacular. Depending on the source, 40-78 percent of adults research healthcare online. But keep in mind, they’re not just researching total joint replacement surgery and best eye doctor in Nashville. Diet and exercise tips fall into the healthcare research category, too.

Yes, digital marketing is an excellent platform for healthcare providers to build their brands and grow their businesses. But, healthcare consumers aren’t solely online. There are still plenty of eyeballs looking at traditional advertising mediums.

Offline News Consumption

According to a report from the American Press Institute, all age groups consume news through television, radio and print media. It’s not surprising 95 percent of baby boomers get their news from TV. However, even the younger generations are getting news there, too. And, despite what you may have heard, print is not dead. Sixty-one percent of 40-59 year olds actually read their news.

Commercials and print ads still have a place in your marketing mix. These increase brand awareness, though, they are not typically as effective at converting leads. Use these tools to drive potential patients to your website. There you can engage them further with patient testimonials, videos and whitepapers – and make it easy for them to immediately schedule an appointment.

Also, think beyond paid advertising when considering local news outlets as a place to market your healthcare organization. Public relations is an excellent tactic to increase your facility’s and your physicians’ profiles.

There’s no magic bullet for healthcare marketing. The digital platform expands your options for reaching your target market. Used together, digital and traditional marketing tactics can boost the effectiveness of your campaign without increasing the budget.