Marketing is More than a Website

Your brand image is important, but attractive logos, pretty brochures, and websites rarely make the phone ring on their own.  To grow sales, you have to have a strategy that utilizes a mix of tactics including lead generation, channel development and, of course, branding.  The challenge, however, when employing a multi-pronged approach is to ensure that everything works in concert. The left hand and right hand have to be coordinated by one brain. In other words, all the tactics must be anchored by a common strategy.

Think of the strategy as your map and lead generation, channel development and branding as your vehicles.  By using multiple marketing “vehicles,” you’ll reach your revenue goals more effectively and efficiently because:

You hit your target from various angles

You can determine in real-time which tactics bring the biggest ROI, and adjust accordingly

Bottom line, there’s more to marketing than a pretty logo. The right marketing mix gets results – sales go up, costs go down. And even the most famous logos can’t deliver that on their own.