Business Development in an Ever-Changing Environment

For better or worse, uncertainty and change is a mainstay in the healthcare industry.   And while industry leaders keep a close eye on reformsconsolidation and regulation, they are also diligently working to figure out how their organizations can thrive within healthcare’s new reality.

Right now, these are the issues that are keeping healthcare leaders up at night:

  • Meeting new regulations and mandates

  • Reducing costs and capturing all revenue

  • Improving clinical quality

Unless you can position your company as a partner offering resources to help clients overcome these challenges, your product or service simply will not be considered.  So once you make sure what your selling aligns with the market’s current needs, you should also evaluate your marketing strategies and tactics and adjust accordingly.

Ask yourself:

  • Target market:  Can it be expanded or should you focus more narrowly?

  • Decision maker:  Is it still the same and are there others within the organization that you should be targeting?

  • Messaging:  Does it still resonate?

  • Potential Partnerships:  Are there any who could provide strategic value you should pursue?

Along with new challenges, there is also ample opportunity within today’s environment. Acknowledging these market shifts and keeping your offerings relevant is key to succeeding within today’s healthcare world.