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An Ambulatory Surgery Center management company had facilities scattered nationwide. They needed to instill within the ASCs a sense of company pride and connectedness, as well as facilitate the sharing of ideas. Additionally, the management company was in acquisition mode and wanted to boost the profiles of its leadership.


The company’s ASC administrators were interviewed to learn about the innovative or especially effective processes and procedures they were using. This information was turned into written success stories that were shared with every facility and management company employee. The pieces were also used online and in marketing materials.

To develop the thought leadership program, leaders from various company departments were identified to participate. Based on their areas of expertise, article topics were created. The produced content was distributed through multiple digital and traditional platforms.


  • An industry-leading publication included the thought leadership articles in their guest blog series.
  • Based on the published content, the leaders were invited to speak at industry events.
  • Being highlighted in a success story became a point of pride for the ASCs and increased employee morale.
  • Ideas shared via the success stories were implemented in other company ASCs to improve effectiveness and efficiency.