meningitis outbreak



A multi-state fungal meningitis outbreak was making national headlines and causing panic. A pain management facility had never used supplies from the pharmacy that distributed the contaminated meds. Still, the facility was inundated with calls from patients scared they were at risk, and rumors were starting to spread around town.


A phone script and a FAQ were created and distributed to all the facility’s employees so they could address patient concerns in an accurate and consistent manner. A notice was also posted on the facility’s website homepage and social media profiles clearly stating that none of the contaminated injections were used at the facility. Letters and the FAQs were sent directly to patients, assuring them they were not in danger of contracting meningitis.

Additionally, a media statement was drafted and issued to local media along with the FAQs.


  • Within a day of posting the online notices the number of concerned patient calls drastically reduced, even though the outbreak was still making national headlines.
  • The local media included portions of the facility’s FAQs and media statement in its coverage of the outbreak, further ensuring the facility’s patients they were not at risk.
  • By pro-actively sharing information, the facility prevented their reputation from being tarnished by a national healthcare crisis.