An organization representing a small, specialized group of healthcare providers needed to rally Congressional support for relief against a specific section of the Affordable Care Act. A powerful lobby was using its deep pockets to push the measure through the legislature. The physicians’ group understood its chances to win this battle were slim. Therefore, their goal was to gain enough attention and support to renew this effort at a future date.


Since the organization’s budget was limited, PR efforts were focused on key states. Success stories highlighting physicians and hospitals were developed to show how this measure was damaging to those Congressional districts, both economically and from an access-to-care standpoint. An intense media outreach campaign followed within the targeted Congressional districts.

Additionally, talking points that included quality, safety, and patient satisfaction data were developed for use on Capitol Hill. The local media coverage gained through the PR campaign was also shared with the Congressional leaders of those districts.


  • Sixteen earned media placements ran in the target states in just two months.
  • The organization’s talking points were used by legislators on the House Floor during the debate.
  • Buoyed by the support gained during the initial campaign, the organization is currently renewing its efforts to overturn the measure.